Tuesday, January 17th

We started the day as usual listening to the medical students give report on the patients that were admitted during the night and the instructors question them. Then one of the orthopedic residents that Iowa Orthopedics is sponsoring. He presented his proposal for his upcoming research. He listed Hope Ministries and Iowa Orthopedics on the list of people that he wanted to thank for helping him get to this position in his life! WOW! He did such a great job and so proud of him and how hard he is working. Now this is how we will be able to leave a lasting impression in the health care here.

Praise God for the very successful day in surgery. Mark and Steve were kept very busy with many surgeries and Mark was in one surgery for 4 1/2 hours. What great teachers they are!!! They share their knowledge and skills with the residents and physicians. Also the team has had the opportunity to scrub and assist with the surgeries and have learned so much.

We ended the evening with being hosted by some lovely men, who we are were grateful that we will be doing spine surgery on one of their workers tomorrow. They took us to a love restaurant and we sat outside overlooking Lake Victoria. The view was breathless. Thanks God we showing us your beauty here in Africa. What an awesome way to end our day.

Love and hugs to all my family and please continue to lift the team up in prayer.

God bless,

Today was a surgical day at its finest with many firsts, lots of tunes, and successful surgeries! Although we came with the mission to serve and sedate our patients prior to surgery, we did have one child run on foot in attempt to leave the OR prior to his procedure – no worries, however, the child was brought back and had a very successful surgery!

At Bugando, when compared to our last surgical location, we definitely needed to whip up some creative ideas with different equipment and fewer resources. The staff, however, is extremely welcoming and very knowledgeable in all that they do – it has been a pleasure to work with them and the rest of the team today!

Shelby and Allyson