We’re off to Uganda.

In typical Tanzania form we left for Uganda. We were quickly rerouted through Nairobi, Kenya and placed on a different airlines.  When we got to Nairobi the flight to Uganda had already left. They rescheduled us for a flight five hours later. When we went to board that flight we were told our tickets were invalid. We found this interesting, since the tickets were issued by the airline was denying us entry. There were seven of us and obviously I was the most outspoken one with the Clerk. It didn't get me anywhere so I decided to be quiet. We said a quick Prayer and asked God to take care of this mess. As they were closing the gates a lady walked by the front desk. She was a supervisor and walked up to us. We explained the situation. She informed the woman behind the desk that she had no option but to let us on the plane. So we literally ran through customs to get onto the plane. The gates had already closed and they informed us to run down the steps to the tarmac and run to the plane. Halfway down the steps I turn back to to check on Gayle, she has tripped halfway down and rolled down the stairs. I said get up Gayle we're going to miss the plane. She has a large hematoma on her knee, and a couple of bruises later, we were on the plane and flying to Uganda to see Gloria.

We were greeted by Gloria's sister at the airport and then it was a 2 hour drive to get to Gloria's..  She is now married and has a sweet little boy named Arthur.  Gayle and I met Gloria on our first trip together in Africa and through assistance of people from America, Gloria is now educated and helping her family and has a good job.  Through sponsorship of her education God showed us how this can touch people's lives and others around them.  We are so proud of her.  It was a quick visit but wanted to see her new little boy.  God is good!


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