Wednesday, May 10th

Wednesday, May 10th

I am so excited today, because part of my team is arriving this evening on KLM (7 of them). The Tanzanian team and I are ready for them to come and we have a lot of great things lined up that were are going to be doing. We have been praying for them for a safe journey.  I will have one of the team members blog each evening, so you will be able to follow them on this journey.

Yesterday I met with a young man that Dr. Eckrich met on his safari this last January and I have been in contact with him about a mass on his head. I examined him and we have made arrangements so that he can have a CT Scan of the head. It is amazing how with advancement in technology here in TZ, that we can have collaboration between physicians in the US and TZ. Dr. Ralph Reeder has seen the pictures and ordered what diagnostic tests he will need to make the diagnosis.

This young man will then travel to Mwanza with his CT scan, which is about a days bus ride. He will then come to our clinic and Dr. Ralph and Dr. Randy will make a decision on what type of surgery is required. He expressed a concern that he would be unable to pay for the surgery, so Hope Ministries will be paying this young mans medical cost.

He was just so grateful for our help and I am glad everything has worked out that we are able to help him. He is very concerned because this mass has been growing.

Please say some special prayers for him.

Mama Gayle