Thursday, May 11th.

Praise the Lord the team has arrived safely.

Habari! The team has arrived! What a wonderful day we had in Tudor Village. This morning we got a taste of Africa when we did not have any water, and then when we got water, we had very cold showers. We ate breakfast with the team and got to meet Mama Lynn, the founder of Light in Africa. She told us all about how she found herself in Africa and all of the amazing things she has done for this beautiful country. By the time she finished talking, we had all lost track of time and little did we know 4 hours had gone by.

After we finished meeting with Mama Lynn, we were able to watch Mama Gayle assess multiple patients. We met a man named John and his team had brought three children from his orphanage who had special needs. Gayle performed her assessments on them and John explained how he found these children. We all were quite amazed by his stories and our hearts were breaking. Thank you Lord for Mama Lynn, John, and their entire teams and Mama Gayle.

We also got to tour the homes where the orphans live and just love on all the children here. The kids loved when we handed them candy (PiPi). They are such happy people and full of love for God. We also got to visit Tumaini(Hope) house, which is where the children with special needs stay. The Mamas who take care of them are wonderful and we could all see how much they love those children. I cannot wait to spend more time with all of the kids.

It is only day one and I think we have all experienced many emotions, but I believe that God has big plans for us on this trip. Tomorrow we set off for our first clinic outreach in Mererani and I for one am so excited to experience this. To God be the Glory.


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