Wednesday, June 14th

Wednesday, June14th

Hey everyone, Will here! Today was another great day at the orphanage with the kids. I spent my time with the kids, and had a lot of fun teaching them how to play recorders. The rest of the time I spent learning the games that they play, and playing lots of soccer. The kids are beautiful, joy filled kids, who warm your heart within minutes of knowing them. I count myself very lucky to have had this time to get to know the kids and help out in any way I can.

IMG_2533 (Click on IMG 2533 and see the video of the kids asking Will not to leave)

Hi everyone, Foster here! I got to start my day by scrubbing in during an orthopedic case with Dr. Pruitt. It was a little hectic during the beginning of the case because one of the air conditioners dripped water into the sterile field and onto my gloves, but once we sorted that out I got the chance to help out the scrub tech a lot during the procedure. It was really fun to learn about all the different instruments and their purposes, and I also got to see what the different responsibilities of a scrub nurse are during a surgery.

After that, I got the opportunity to observe my dad and Dr. Reeder collaborating with the neurosurgeons from Bugando to remove a brain tumor. The case was really challenging and I learned a lot about the importance of good teamwork and open communication in the operating room. I’m really looking forward to absorbing as much information as I can during my last day at Bugando tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see what kinds of lessons I’ll learn and people I’ll meet.

Hi Mama Gayle.  We had another busy but great day.  I am so proud of the team as they are all doing such a great job of teaching wherever they go.  Education is important in Hope Ministries trips.  The neuro team was taped and filmed and were on TV.  I will include the picture in the paper and they told about this wonderful team of neurosurgeons that came from America to help with brain tumors.  Ralph and Matt have had very difficult cases to do and ones they would not see at home, but have done a great job and the patient outcomes have been great.

Alex did some orthopedic patients and he and Mark were teaching the residents and medical students.  These students and doctors have learned so much from my doctors.

I have the pleasure of meeting the residents that Hope Ministries has sponsored and are sponsoring.  They express such gratitude for the financial assistance Hope Ministries does for them and how it will change their life.

When we returned to the Hotel, their was this young lady who worked at the reception desk.  She had told me the other night that her mom was sick and wanted advice on what to do.  She had been in the hospital for an amputation due to diabetes and had been dismissed but was having severe pain in her stomach.  She got worse during the night and was admitted to ICU.  This young lady called to say her mom was admitted to the hospital I was going to be working at and wondered if I could come see her.  My day was busy that I did not get the chance, but when I returned to the Hotel she was working.  I went and asked her how her mom was doing and she seemed so sad and she said that the doctors said she needed to have her stomach scoped to determine what was wrong.  She cried because she said she is the only one in her family that works and she could not come up with the money.  I asked her how much it cost and thought about if that was my mom and I personally gave her money so her mom could get the test.  She cried so hard that I cried.  I told her I wanted her to come around the desk so I could give her a hug and she cried so hard.  She kept saying “God bless you” but I told God leads me to those I should help.  So say some special prayers for her mom.

God bless you all,

Mama Gayle