Tuesday, June 13th

Tuesday, June 13th

Hey folks, Will here! Today I did surgery. I went into Bugando hospital with the surgeons today, and after doing some post-op rounds with Dr. Reeder and Dr. Johnson, I made my way to the operating theater. For the first time in my life I scrubbed into a surgery (an osteotomy), where I learned a lot about sterilization,  operation, stitching, and I even put in a screw, with the help of Mama Gayle.  After my surgery was finished, I stopped in to watch Dr. Pruitt and Dr. Johnson finish up their surgeries, and finished up for the day. Today was a great experience, and getting to scrub in has been one of my favorite memories of this trip.

Hi everyone, Foster here! I spent the majority of today with the kids at the Fonelisco orphanage. First we went to the orphanage to pick up some of the social workers, and then went the market to get some meat and vegetables for the kids’ meals today. After arriving at the orphanage from the market, I got to do tons of activities with the kids. They even taught me how make a small purse out of leaves! Later, I went back to a smaller market with some of the social workers working at the orphanage and we got some fruit for the kids for lunch. I got to try the bananas and some watermelon, and they were really delicious. After getting back from the market, I got to try some ugali at lunch, and then I went to go start my teaching lesson with the kids. The kids were super eager to learn, and, although the musical portion of my lesson went a bit off the rails, I was still able to teach them everything I wanted to in the time we had. I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to visit the orphanage today, and I got the opportunity to meet so many amazing kids. Even with the language barrier, I was able to learn so much from the kids that I was supposed to be teaching, which is a testament to the genuine kindness of the children living at Fonelisco and the skills of the hardworking social workers helping there.

IMG_2524 IMG_2523   (Please click on the videos to see the videos of Foster at the orphanage doing here teaching project).

Mama Gayle here.  Mark and I had the pleasure of meeting the Director General today, along with Inyas, the head of orthopedics.  The Director expressed his gratitude for all that Hope Ministries is doing to support them.  He also expressed gratitude for the residents Hope Ministries has and is continuing to sponsor.  He said those that have graduated are now supporting them in the hospital to help with the large population of patients they serve.

Team continues to work hard, and God continues to guide us on this journey and puts us where he knows we are needed.  Continue to pray for the team and our patients.

God bless,

Mama Gayle