Wednesday, May 25th:

After breakfast, we said our last goodbyes to the children at Tudor Village, and made the journey to Arusha and Ahadi Lodge. We settled in and grabbed a quick lunch before heading to Loama school to give a lesson on the dangers of HIV and how to avoid contracting and spreading the disease. They kids laughed as we imitated various diseases and a person’s immune system with how it deteriorates from HIV. Then Mama Gayle got the kids involved in a question and answer session about HIV.
Once we finished the lesson, it was carnival time! We had 4 stations setup with toys and prizes: ring toss, bean bag toss, Futbol between cones, and a cup game. The games were crazy with almost 400 students, the kids had a blast and surprisingly the teachers had just as much fun. They were helping us with the games, but then they wanted some candy too. Everyone was so appreciative of our lesson and that we came to spend time with them and give the children some fun.
Last stop for the day was to exchange our money for Shillings and to look at Tanzanite at a jewelry store. The jewels were such a beautiful deep blue it was fun to see all they had available.
Now we’re relaxing at Ahadi Lodge for the evening and preparing for our Safari adventures tomorrow!
– Andrew, Applications Developer (NWC 2011)

Thank you God for a glorious day. It was difficult saying our goodbyes to the kids at LIA and the staff. The staff is like my family and they are so great to my teams. We then traveled to Arusha and we arrived safely. As we approached Arusha the traffic was horrible. We arrived at my second home of Ahadi and then had a lot of fun working with the team on the skit for the HIV presentation we did for the kids. The teachers came up to me and we so gracious for the HIV Education session and loved the HIV brochures that we gave the kids. We asked that they take them home and read them to their family so they can share the information with their families. Thanks to the donors for the funds to help purchase and print HIV pamphlets. This will touch many lives.