Tuesday, May 24th



Tuesday, May 24th:

Today, we drove about 2 hours to get to our out reach clinic. When we got there we communicated with some villagers and a while later we started setting up. At first it was kind of slow but soon there were so many people it was hard to keep up. We saw many families and that had many aches and pains. Us students took vitals and other assessments based on the patients complaint. The nurses helped guide us students and took vitals as well. Many back pains, stomach pains, chest pains, and treatments from village doctors. The village Doctor patients were interesting to learn about culturally. It was hard because the way the village doctors treat the ailment is very different from what we experience in America. Today 165 patients were treated by our clinic. We had so many patients that we did not get to treat everyone, it was sad to turn people away.
-Sammie, Nursing Student

For the group that stayed at the orphanage, we started the morning at the school teaching the children about articles. This was followed by playing on the playground and shooting baskets with the children. We then went to get lunch, which was followed by even more activities with the children, especially on the swings and monkey bars. We ended the evening by going over to one of the local boys’ homes and playing soccer with them. One of the things that really stood out to us was how much these kids crave attention. Whenever we would go out to the playground or when we went to the boys’ home, we were completely swarmed by the kids. This really showed us how these kids do not get the attention that they need and want and how much they really appreciate us coming here. Although it may not always be obvious on the surface, we really do make a difference, even if it is for just a few moments.
-Travis, Medical Student

Well we had another wonderful clinic today in which many people were served that do not have access to health care and/or money to seek health care. We went to a very remote village with limited health care. I cannot believe how long people here have to suffer with a medical problem. We referred many patients to the hospital for further diagnostic tests and/or inpatient treatments. We had a couple of patients that were very sick and helped arrange transportation and financial assistance. Again thanks to all the donors because your donated funds helped many people.

Today I was met with many challenges and struggles. At one point I turned to God and asked why…..and then I was reminded that he was with me and the team and that I just need to learn to turn things over to him. With God as our guiding light, I know we are safe and in his care. The devotion that one of the team members shared reminded us all of this and that we need to always remember to stay positive.

Please continue to pray for all of us and our love and prayers is with our families. Special kisses and hugs to my grandkids.