Wednesday, 12/23

I am asking for special prayers for these young ladies in Tanzania, that they will experience much joy providing a Christmas for these lovely children of God and be with them as they are away from their families. 


Here is today’s blog:

Hello all,

Of course, today was another great day! After breakfast, we went out to the garden to continue to work on our project. We weeded 3 more plots before deciding it was time to take a break from the hot sun to play with the kids. We planned to make a quick stop by the kids, but we ended up playing with them for a few hours. Time well spent! Taylor and Alli fit 10 kids on the teeter totter. Meanwhile, Olivia and I pushed some kids on make shift merry-go-round. I’m sure the delighted screams of the children could be heard quite a distance. Then all of us played a game similar to dodgeball with the older girls. It was a great time!

The afternoon was spent preparing for Christmas, including wrapping presents and putting up the Christmas tree. We still have much to do tomorrow, but our excitement to experience Christmas in Tanzania is growing everyday!

Tarynne Kinghorn