We Have Arrrived

Well after a long plane flight and a few naps, God got us here safely.  When Lee and I walked off the plane we took a deep breath and smiled and said we are back in Tanzania.  Mama Lynn joyfully met us at the airport.  We traveled to Light in Africa Children's home to stay.

We traveld by taxi to Moshi to get my African phone activated and after 4 hours and no progress we were reasured we were back in Africa.  So we had to buy a new phone card so here is our new number were we can be reached:  011-255-783-637-276.  We then traveled to visit and take a tour at Machame Hospital.  We had a nice visit and I always enjoy being there.

In the morning we met with one of the girls here at LIA.  She is 12 years old and had been crying at home every day because she was in so much pain.  Mama Lynn took this girl to the doctor and she had a severe club that they did surgery. The wound then got infected because of her living conditions so she was brought to the Children's home.  I went and examined here and debrided the wound and put antibiotics on it.  She has many other problems so when examining her we found out that she has a condition that is causing these neurological conditions in which she has difficulty walking with little feeling in her feet.  They wanted to amputate both of the legs but I told them not to do that that because the circulation is good. Oh my what they kids have to go through here.

Went to visit a local hospital to see how we could help them in the future medically.  When we arrived there were alot of policmen and people standing around crying very loud.  Here a man had been shot dead because of some mining issues.  Only in Africa.  We traveled to a different village where we went to a clinic to help them.  We saw many Maasai and cute little kids.  When asking what they could use for medical supplies to help them, they named many of the items that were in the first aid kits donated by the Lutheran Church in Elk Point.  Thanks to everyone who donated these, you can not believe the smiles and excitement they had when I gave them to them.  There was a little girl with ring worm on her head, which is very common here.  We showed them how to cleanse it and used the antifungal cream in the first aid kit.  God bless all of you those medical supplies helped so many people and they were thrilled to get them.. I will try to post pictures.  

To the ladies that made the pillow case dresses….they were given to the orphaned children at Light in Africa.  They  tried them on and were so happy.  You know the littliest things here bring so much joy.  Thanks so much to all the women who took the time to sew these dresses.  I took pictures and all the girls looked so sweet and giggled and had big smiles.

Well we leave  early tomorrow to help with an outreach dispensary.  We have bought alot of medications to help with these people and I am excited to see what types of patients we see.  

So sorry we have not blogged sooner we have had problems with the internet.  

Sending much thanks to all of your giving hearts, I only wish you were here to see what your donations and gifts have done to help so many people.  

Sending alot of love and hugs to our families.

Gayle and Lee

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