Untreated Infections

A Surgical Story from Mama Gayle:


Mark, Alex and I headed to the hospital today for a very busy day.  Dr. Roberts, Alex and I were in the OR. Two of the cases we did today were for these two adorable, little boys. They were brought in by a friend who helps children in village a long ways from here.


The first little boy had a fracture of his humerus. His fracture went untreated for so long that it formed an infection in two separate areas. We surgically were able to clean out his wounds. We then removed a piece of his bone and gave him a round of antibiotics.

The next little boy had terrible, deformed legs. We call this the “wind swept” deformities. We went in surgically and removed a wedge of the bone so his leg could be straightened, and then we casted his legs. Both of these surgeries are going to bring such a positive impact to both of the boys’ lives.


God sent a lot for us to help this time and without your donations this would not be possible.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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