Untreated Infections

Volunteer Story from Logan

Today most of the team went back to Bugando hospital while the rest of the team went to the orphanage to do their teaching projects. At Bugando, the day started out with report of all the new patients admitted to the orthopedic unit.

After report, we went around with the doctors to assess each patient and develop a plan of care. It is hard to explain the conditions of the hospital and the serious injuries we assessed today. Each hospital room has around eight beds. Some beds are shared by 2 or 3 patients while other rooms even have patients staying on the floor. Many cases that we saw today were very incredibly unique. They are not cases any of us had seen before. These cases are challenging for the doctors since many patients do not come to the hospital until their conditions are in very late stages. Due to this, we treated many severe infections and old fractures that have not healed properly. Despite the challenges, the doctors with Hope Ministries worked diligently and efficiently to appropriately treat and care for each patient they encountered.

It’s amazing to see the impact that Hope Ministries and the medical team can make on so many lives.

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