Lasting Effects with Teaching

A Surgical Story by Alinda

Today at Bugando Hospital, the team was on their feet for almost 11 hours straight with three separate spine surgeries, and LOTS of teaching and learning. We started out our day with Steve jumping in during morning report; he helped correct a misinterpretation of an x-ray of a “fracture” that was actually a growth plate. After his correction, he provided an amazing teaching session to the employees about how to differentiate between the two. His teaching continued throughout the whole day, and every person around him walked away with so much amazing surgical, knowledge.


As Gayle put it, today was a fantastic day! The Lord is always with us, and He always provides. Today, we had so many successful surgeries despite any setbacks with the hospital and the local doctors learned so much! Getting to see the rewards of the teaching that has been emphasized and shared is the most beautiful thing, as we know that there is a lasting effect to our work being done here.

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