Tuesday, May 14th

Tuesday, May 14th

I am so excited that the team will be leaving today and we will pick them up at the airport tomorrow night.  The team and I are ready for them and we have a lot of work lined up.  They have been txting and sending emails asking questions as to what to pack, etc.  Please pray for them for a safe journey and that God prepares them for this journey.

I went to Julius, my TZ assistant, home yesterday to see his Aunt, who is in need of surgery.  I did an examine and we have made the necessary preparations for her to travel to Mwanza and will have surgery on the Monday that we are there.  I answered any questions her and her husband had in order to alleviate any fears that they had.  What wonderful people.

While I was Julius I was able to see my AFrican grandchildren.  His youngest son Jayden will soon be two years old.  He is just adorable and melts my heart.  At first he was afraid of me, but then I was getting lots of hugs and kisses.  He calls me his American Bebe (Grandmother).  It was fun to see and meet all of Julius family.  I just love them all so much.

(This is a good friend of Julius and Jayden.  These guys are very special to me!)

The rains are continuing and we are slipping and sliding around, but thank God we have not gotten stuck yet.  We switched the locations of our outreach clinics, as we would not be able to travel on dirt paths.  Working on getting word to the village leaders to tell the people where we will be having the clinics.

I have patients coming to the lodge today for me to see.  I will examine and determine what further tests they will need to get before my doctors come.

We will send a message when the team arrives.  Please continue to pray for the team.  God is good!

Thanks for the prayers,

Mama Gayle