Time to head to Tanzania

I have been preparing for months for this mission trip and the day has finally come.  I am so thankful to all the donors and people who have given to support this trip.  I start out with a puzzle as I prepare the trip, and the pieces don't always fit and I have to do alot of adjustments, but in the end God forms the beautiful puzzle of our journey to Africa.

As I attended my last bible study this morning and attended church I was so humbled and blessed by the many prayers that were said for me and the team.  After I left the church there was these words that came to me:  "Here I am Lord!  I am here to serve!"

The bags are packed and I leave in the morning to return to my second home of Tanzania, Africa.  I am thrilled with excited to return to see my many friends and family in Tanzania.  I will be preparing things for the team to come next week.

I want to thank Osteomed and Alphatec Spine for the donation and use of the specialized equipment that we will need to do brain and spine surgery.  This is something new, and I must admit I am a bit nervous about this, so have been praying every day.  But this is something that we have handed over to God and HE is in control.  We have a very busy surgery schedule ahead of us, but excited to see how God will touch the many lives that we will meet.

As I make the long journey to Africa tomorrow and I will get into Africa Friday evening, I ask for your prayers for a safe and successful trip.  Please also pray for my family as I have to say my goodbyes.  I so appreciate my husband and all his support in doing my mission work.  I could not do it without him.

Love you all and again thanks to everyone for your love, prayers and support!