Is is now Saturday evening and we are 8 hours ahead of your time.  It is soon time to go to bed.  I just got home from spending the day with Fiona and the kids.  So good to see so many of my friends today because I really miss them.  They are my Tanzanian family.  The girls came right to my room to see me this morning.  Hannah the girls loved the western clothes that you sent to them and they are sending a big hug and thanks to you.  Their dream is to come to visit me in the states some day and then they want to come and ride horses with you.  I told them they were welcome any time.  As we left their home and they brought me back to the lodge, they gave me some beautiful pink roses for mother's day.  I was so touched.  I am always in Tanzania during mother's day so was nice to be remembered.

Wishing all you beautiful mothers a beautiful Mother's day full of love and happiness.  I am so blessed to have my beautiful family and I praise God for them. Tomrrow Julius is picking me at 630 am to go to his church and then we have a full day planned.  I love to go and worship with him and his family.  

Sending alot of love and hugs, especially to my family.