Time for Celebrations and Heading Home

So sorry that we have not had daily blogs.  Our days in OR were long and by the time we ate everyone was ready for bed.  We have made it home safely and will post about our last few days there and as I get time I will include stories of the many people we served.

First of all I want to thank the great team that God sent me to help do HIS work in TZ.  They came with kind and compassionate hearts that helped so many needy people in TZ.  Here is a picture of the US and TZ team together as we spent a day of worshipping and celebrating together on the day that we were supposed to leave.  We attended church with Julius and he and his family graciously invited us to their home afterwards and feed us a beautiful meal and we reminisced about our time together.

I can’t thank these three guys enough for all they do for me when we are there.  Julius is my TZ assistant and Freeman and Faraja are my drivers.  God sent me the best when he sent me these guys.  They are my African sons and such a blessing with helping me with the trips and the teams.

We surprised Julius and his wife Gertrude the night before we left with a surprise birthday party. We invited them out to supper along with their two boys.  We had a cake and surprised them with decorations and some horns we blew when they came in.  It was so much fun and a fun way to be able to so something special for them, because they do so much for me.

The day before we left, I always have a little exercise that I have the team do.  I tell them that they are going to be overwhelmed with people asking them about their trip when they return and it will take awhile for them to process this trip.  They were allowed one word to describe their trip and explain why.  I think these words will show you what an awesome team it was and what this trip did for them.

Humbling—this trip humbled me and showed me that small issues mean nothing.  I see how lucky we are and how important family is.

Blessed—-we have everything and I got out of my comfort zone and it made me feel so blessed for everything that we have.

Beautifully Broken—I saw broken families, broken homes and health issues but these people through all there brokenness choose happiness.  I found out I am broken and these people have pushed me to praise God for everything.

Compassion—These people have so much compassion, yet have so little.  I have learned that I need to be more compassionate to others

Grateful—These people are so grateful and yet have so little.  I have learned that I need to be more grateful and even for the little things in life.

Let-G0–by letting go of my comfort zone, it has allowed me to be more for thankful for everything.

Freeing—I am a person that is all about schedules, but I have learned that those things don’t matter.

Challenging—doing surgeries here was a lot more challenging and not having the same supplies we have at home.  But through the challenges we accomplished many surgeries that will be life-changing for these people.

Spiritual—-this trip has had many many challenges, but through it all I have had to trust in God’s plan and He was my strength and guiding light that was walking with me.  I had to turn things over to God and trust in HIS plans in order to deal with the day to day challenges.  God is good all the time!