Surgical Blessings

Medical Story from Hope Ministries Volunteer, Kristi

Today one of our teams went to the Selian hospital to round with the doctors.

The day started with a beautiful prayer and a choir singing in the hospital chapel. After chapel, the doctors all rounded on their patients and completed follow up assessments. Our team was able to follow to observe and learn from each of the medical doctors.

Many of the patients that came in had very serious wounds and orthopedic issues. It was a hard and emotional day as the team saw some very high needs come in to the hospital. Many individuals had been wounded for a long period of time. Several of them came to Selian from our outreach clinics. We were so blessed that all of the referrals from outreach were able to come to the hospital for further medical care. We were able to schedule several surgeries over the next two days. Praise God that we are able to provide surgery for multiple individuals. The patients were so thankful and appreciative for our help. Hope Ministries is an amazing blessing to each of them.

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