Sunday, May 7th.

Sunday, May 7th

A tragedy has occurred here in Arusha that has broken many hearts and many of asked “why?” God has taken home around 31 students and two teachers. The numbers keep changing. These sweet innocent children of God were killed in a tragic bus accident. The weather has been very rainy with muddy and slippery conditions. It was a group from a school here in Arusha. Our hearts are sad and we are heavy in prayer for these precious children, their classmates and their families. It has stunned this community and my heart is breaking for all of them.

Tomorrow they a having a service at the stadium here in town so that people can go pay their last respects. I am asking for all of your prayers for those victims and their families. Please dear God wrap your loving and caring arms around all of them. I pray that they turn to you my dear God during this tragic time! Please be their strength. I ask that we all join our hands around the world with our brothers and sisters in Tanzania and lift them up in prayer.

God of all mystery, whose ways are beyond understanding,
lead us, who grieve at this untimely death,
to a new and deeper faith in your love,
which brought your only Son Jesus
through death into resurrection life.
We make our prayer in Jesus’ name.

Mama Gayle