Sunday, May 14th

This is a special day for all of the team’s mothers.  We have a flower that we have picked for you and we are sending all our love on this special day.  Hugs to all of you and know that you were in our thoughts and prayers today.  

Hope Ministries Team



Today we took off from Tudor Village and headed towards Arusha. As we said our goodbyes to Mama Lynn, she had her pet chicken sitting on her shoulder.  What a lady, we will really miss her.

It was about an hour and a half drive and of course, we got stopped by the police again. Seems to be a daily occurrence! 😀 The drive into Arusha was pretty interesting. At first, it looks like any other city, but as you look closer you begin to see that the poverty is abundant. There are towering apartment complexes next to tin huts, displaying the contrast between the rich and poor.

We arrived at our hotel, the Ahadi Lodge, quickly changed and headed off to church. The church we went to was a unique experience for all of us. The amount of diversity in the church was amazing. There were people from all over the world and being able to worship and praise the Lord together was something special.

After church, we headed to the market. There were so many people! Everyone was trying to sell us various goods and products. From art that was made to avocados the size of softballs, the market had everything. We bought food for the packages we would be giving to families on our home health visits this week, sat down for some delicious Tanzanian BBQ, and headed back to our hotel.

Now we get to rest. We’ve practiced our HIV skits that we’ll be presenting to students and packaged food for the families. Tomorrow is another big, but sure to be amazing day full of new experiences for all.

Have a great Mother’s Day!