Sunday, January 7th

Sunday, January 7th

Jambo! Hello friends and families! We have now been in Tanzania for 4 days. Today was a little bit slower than the past couple days. We started off the day by heading to Arusha Community Church. Luckily for us the service was in English so we were all able to understand what they were talking about. We all enjoyed the service. I was surprised how similar the songs and readings were to what we do back at home.

Some of our other favorite parts of the days included seeing downtown Arusha, exchanging money and shopping for food for the upcoming days.

After church we went to a bank where the exchange rate was 2,220 Tanzanian Shillings to 1 USD. We feel rich now that we all have “huge” wads of money in our pockets.

We ate lunch at a local restaurant that had some very good food. Most of us had chicken which was butchered just for us. It was some of the best chicken I have ever had.

Next we headed to the market where we shopped for food to give to people we will be visiting in the next few days who are in hospice. The market had lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. There was also meat hanging out which was something many of us have not seen before. There were many young street boys working at the market trying to make money by helping people carry their groceries. Seeing the market made us realize how lucky we are that we can go to a grocery store that has everything we need right in front of us.

At dinner we had the chance to meet some of the doctors we will be working with in the next couple days at Selian Hospital in Arusha.

Today was not too busy for us, but we were able to experience quite a few new things as we traveled around Arusha. We are all doing great so far but keep us in your prayers! God bless you!