Saturday, January 7th

Hi this Gayle.. So sorry but we had electrical problems and I see that I posted Jake’s Post again.  So here is the one that should have been posted by Hailey.  The pictures have already been posted.  

Saturday, January 6th

Hey everybody, it’s Hailey tonight! Today was a very crazy day that required a great deal of patience from the team, mostly Gayle though. We all woke up and had a wonderful breakfast around seven this morning. Then, we headed off to the clinic in Sanya. It was a little bit longer drive than expected because we were on Tanzanian time with the doctor today and our vans were pulled over a few times by the police, but we still eventually made it to the clinic.

We were set up and ready to go by eleven with a large group of patients forming outside. Ryan, Derek, and Mikayla all said that they thought the team felt more comfortable, as well as confident with assessing the patients. Yesterday, we assessed in pairs, but today we all assessed on our own. We also worked together more as a team today according to Devin. We decided to try a number system, where we gave the patients numbers and then we would call their number when we were ready. Jake pointed out that it was neat because we did not have the greatest facilities, but we were more efficient than we were yesterday. We were only in the clinic for five hours today, but we saw just as many patients as we had yesterday. He also talked about how awesome it was to see people who have never been helped before. We have seen many individuals with injuries that they have had 6, 15, even 70 years without being treated. Many of these injuries as well as disorders and diseases have been things that we have never seen or would never see in the United States. We also see a lot more generosity here in Tanzania. Rachael talked about a child she saw today that she gave pipi (candy) to. The child was very grateful for it, but he also shared some with his father as well as gave some of it back to her.

After we finished at the clinic, we headed back to Light in Africa. We stoped at the grocery store beforehand, though, and we saw many of the same items that we are used to. We also saw some different items such as Twitter and Facebook smelling perfumes, bagged milk, and Light Coca Cola. Once we arrived at Light in Africa, we enjoyed a warm meal that included spaghetti, vegetables, popcorn, nuts, and some amazing pineapple cake with our team, Julius, Fraja, Meshack, and Freeman. Then we listened to a devotional that tied in very well with out day about expecting the unexpected. Now, we wait until it is time to go pick up more members of our team from the airport. They have had a slight delay with their flight, but they will be here soon. After that, we will head to our next home at Ahadi Lodge in Arusha.

Today was another amazing day! We are all very grateful for being able to be here and experiencing all of these great opportunities that God has provided us with. Continue to pray for us and the other members of our team as the fly in tonight!

HI this is Gayle. I am so excited how well the team has done at the outreach clinics. We have seen so many patients. Many cases are so sad and for many it was their first time to even see a doctor. Hope Ministries is paying and has referred 20 patients for hospital care. Many of these patients will be seen by our American doctors and many will require surgery. They barely have enough money for food, so Hope Ministries will pay for all of surgeries. Thanks to all our donors for your prayers and financial support. You are touching and helping many people. You have now provided them with some help. God bless you.