Saturday, Jan. 14th.

Saturday, Jan. 14th.

WOW….WOW…WOW….sorry we have not been able to post, but some of the team is out on safari and the rest of the medical team has \ been working at the hospital until 9-10 pm and we have been too exhausted to blog. Getting to be some long days but feel so blessed that we have been able to help so many people. We had some very complicated cases that we were were able to do thanks to the knowledge and skills of the surgeons I have with me.

You cannot believe the patients that we saw in outreach clinic and at Mama Lynn’s. They are very poor people who do not have any money and cannot afford health care. We assessed the patients and then transferred them to the hospital that we are working at in Arusha. You cannot believe the cases that we have seen. For many we had to pay for their transportation to get to the hospital. Hope ministries has funded about 12 patients for treatments and surgeries. These people now have a chance at life and I can’t wait to share their stories with you. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Yesterday we made history in Arusha at Bugando, because we performed the first spine surgery there. We are evaluating this hospital to see about setting up a spine center here. The need is so great. The surgery went great and all the staff and administrator were very excited and this patient no longer has to live with this debilitating pain. Praise God for being with us during this surgery.

The group that is out on safari is returning this evening and I have talked to Julius and they have had a wonderful time. We will pack this evening and then will be flying to Mwanza, where we will be working at the Bugando Medical Center. It sounds like they have a lot of patients for us to see and a lot of surgeries. Thankfully the girls will be back from safari and they can help with the blogs.

I have been overwhelmed with the types of patients we have seen and been able to help. These patients are so grateful and they hug and pray for us and are so thankful for our help. They even have tears and of course then all of us cry. Praise God for all of this. Please continue to pray for us and all that we are doing. I hope to share some stories of our patients when things slow down. To God be the glory and through his love, support and strength the team has received, we are able to accomplish so many things.

God bless all of our donors. You are touching so many lives. May you be blessed. I am including some pictures of our times in the OR and during our spine surgery.

Mama Gayle