Resting in the goodness of God’s whole, entire Love today. He doesn’t provide His Love in fragments and pieces pending on our geographical location or physical and emotional state. No, He provides His Love in a Whole, real authentic way that is always Present and never fading.

His Love resembles our Hope Ministries surgical team in so many ways. Our Hope Ministries team’s love amidst a surgical procedure, in the busy, yet warming environment of a Tanzanian hospital, does not stop after one tiny fragment of the procedure is complete. Instead, Hope Ministries provides our love and affection throughout every piece and part of the surgical journey, no matter what step and no matter what state our patient is in, we continue on with love. And at the end of the surgery, when the patient’s procedure is done, we still go on caring and loving with follow ups and post-surgical rounds, sharing love and warm smiles that never seem to cease. So too, does God’s Love never stops caring for you. He doesn’t check out after one fragment of your life is complete. He’s always there. He’s never absent.