Shake Your Tail Bone

Multiple hearts. Many bones. One World.

Together, as a ministry, we stand for helping the broken lives of many others across seas both physically and emotionally. Lives that do not have immediate access to severe medical needs. Lives that cannot afford a simple trip into to town to receive updates on a broken bone or a long term ailment. Lives that struggle to provide just one single meal for their children and family on a weekly basis.

Will you help us? Help us as we take action and continue on with our medical work across seas. Help us as we continue on to extend love after love through the many hardships that the Tanzanians frequently face. Help us as we fight for this needed mission to conquer the vast ailments we encounter yearly in the sweet land of Tanzania. And help us to allow His Light to shine through our actions as we continue on with this ministry.

Together we stand. Together we fight under one God, one Savior Jesus Christ.

Join us August 18, 2017 at 6:30pm at The Pointe Country Club in Elk Point, South Dakota as we fight on for bettering the lives of others.

Many Blessings,

Hope Ministries