Paralyzed with Three Children

A Hospice Story by Mama Gayle

Today, I went to the hospice office to meet with the staff, so we could collaborate on a family in which the young father is paralyzed and in the hospital. While he has been hospitalized, the young mother has been at home caring for their three small children all by herself. When the team last visited with the mother, she told them they all had not eaten in over 24 hours. Hope Ministries was able to provide food for their family. The staff said she cried tears of gratitude upon receiving their food. The hospice team and I talked about some longer term goals to work with the family. We decided it would be best to set the mother up with a small business so she can bring money in for the family.

I then visited the father in the hospital. We admitted him for excruciating bed sores, a urinary infection and sepsis. He had limited motion in both of his arms so Hope Ministries had the physical therapist work with him so he could learn how to feed himself.

This once extremely discouraged patient, now looked back at me with hope and a smile. While this is going to be a long and hard road for this family, they now have new hope and resources thanks to generous donors like you and the assistance of the hospice team in Tanzania.