Merry Christmas from Tanzania

Merry Christmas to Everyone!!  I spent Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day in airplanes making my way to Tanzania.  Praise God I arrived safely.  Freeman, my driver met me and Praise God for the first time ever (my 25th trip) I presented all the paperwork I had and I did not have any hassles getting my medical equipment through at the airport.  This was HUGE!!!  I start praying about an hour before we are ready to land because I have been through horror stories of my times at the airport getting the medical equipment cleared.  There are times they have kept my bags and the famous last line is “you need one more form”.  I have joked with Julius about how hard it is to bring very valuable equipment into Tanzania, that I donate,  and I wonder if I would ever see the day that I would have a smooth access.  FINALLY it happened!!!!!!  Hopefully all will go well with the teams bags of medical supplies when they arrive.

As I walk off the plane and take in all the smells and scenery, my heart is warmed and it brings a big smile to my face.  This country and everything it is about is a big part of my life.  I have another family and many friends here that welcome me with open arms.  I will be busy the next few days with getting things ready for the team.

Freeman drove me to my second home of Ahadi Lodge and they had Christmas lights and a tree up, so felt like Christmas.  

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and what a beautiful day to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  This Christmas was very special to me because when we went on the tour of the Holy Land we visited the place of Jesus birth.  I can’t explain the emotions we all felt as we knelt and prayed in this special place.  Make your heart a manger for Jesus.  Thanks for all the prayers and sending a lot of hugs and love to my family.