December 26th

Well the day did not start off good because I needed to get a new SIM phone card so that means that my Tanzanian phone number changed, which all my patients, doctors, and team members had, so had to notify everyone of my new number.  That was a task!!!!  Then my African SIM card will not work in my new phone, so sent a message to our Verizon rep in US hoping she will be able to resolve the issue.  Nothing is ever easy here, but just prayed for patience.  Not easy for me!!

I had a surprise visit from a young man who Dr. Bill Rizk and Dr. Craig Block did surgery on about 4 years ago.  He is just the sweetest young man and is forever grateful to Hope Ministries for paying for his surgery and for Bill and Craig for the very successful surgery.  He will graduate from high school in May and wants to go to the university and guess what he wants to me……a surgeon.  He said he is one of the many people who has been blessed to have such knowledgeable surgeons do his surgery.  He told me about his sister who has had to have the same surgery three times and all she has had to go through.  He said that he wants to be a doctor so he can help a lot of people and that would be his way of paying back for the blessings he had with his surgery.  This brought tears to my eyes….this is just one of the many stories of the people that Hope Ministries has touched.  It was not only the success of the surgery but how it has affected his life.  He is studying hard and will take his college entrance test in May.  Please pray for Jacob that he will get high grades so that he can pursue his dreams of becoming a doctor and be able to help his people.

I was blessed with Fiona and girls coming to visit me late in the  afternoon and we had such fun visiting and catching up on things.  I always miss them and so good to see them.  We then went out for the best Chinese food ever….yes in Tanzania.  

God bless,