May 26th

May 26th

Hi all! Today we traveled to Mwanza as this week we will be working at Bugando Medical Centre. We went and visited Kamanga Medics, a private hospital where Dr. Isidor and a few other physicians have opened and been expanding the last 5 years. While visiting Kamanga, we met Glory. Glory is a 15 year old girl who suffered severe burns to her face, neck, and upper chest, sustained after she had a seizure and fell into a pot of burning water.

She initially presented to one of Mama Gayle’s clinics at Bugando,  a few years ago after the burns had already adhered together. The skin from her chin and lip were adhered to her chest so her teeth/mouth were always open. The skin on her face was burned so severely she had lost her left eye and the right eye was always open. Fast forward three years and several surgeries later performed by a plastic surgeon from Denver, CO, she no longer has adhesions from her chin and lip to her neck/chest, her right eye is functional, and she has moved back home with her family. She aspires to continue having surgeries for cosmetic purposes in hopes to one day live a “normal” life where she is not judged for only what she looks like on the outside. This was sad and humbling to see because if this situation occurred in the USA, she would have had surgeries, debridement, and burn treatment initiated within hours to days of the incident versus here her outcomes were so severe and extreme because her treatment started many years after the initial injury. Seeing her was a good introduction for what the rest of the week holds as time is the enemy for numerous patients here and many of the patients we see sustained their injuries several months prior. While working at Bugando, some of us will be doing a teaching session at Fonelisco, an orphanage here in Mwanza. I had the opportunity to volunteer at this orphanage when I was here 3 years ago with Hope Ministries and I am excited to share my knowledge and spend time with all the kiddos.


Thanks to all our donors, we were able to bring donated medical supplies and we dropped them at Kamanga Hospital.  Then Brian went and looked at the equipment to see if he will be able to do shoulder surgery this week or if he will have to do them open.


One thing we like to is celebrate her in Africa.  Julius and I surprised Luke with a birthday cake because it was his birthday today.  Then everyone went around the room and gave positive comments about Luke.  

We also had dinner at our Hotel and had three Bugando physicians come and visit us.  They are the doctors that Mark and Brian will be working for.

What a blessing this team has been and the opportunities have been endless.  I enjoy their eagerness to learn.  Please pray for us as we are going to be very busy this week.  The time is going fast, but God is good.

Mama Gayle