May 25th.

May 25th

The team and I just got back from our Safari, and visiting different tribes. I am amazed by the vastness and greatness of God. When I looked out into the beautiful planes I realized just how big our God truly is. As we drove on the rocky roads through the vast mountain ranges seeing animals of every shape and form I also saw how creative God is.

As we were heading home the song verse, “if the stars were made the worship so will I” echoed through my mind. I was reminded by how great our God is, and how everything we have and do is for His glory. He deserves all the glory, and His goodness and love is so much more than we can ever imagine.

Leaving the tribal villages today I also came to realize how beautiful the Tanzania culture is. I have come to see that their way of life is no lesser than mine, it is simply different. The simplicity of many of their lifestyles is respectable. Despite how little they have, they have full and beautiful life’s built around culture, tradition, and community.

I saw Gods beauty in so many different ways the past two days. I saw beauty in His people, in His creation, and in His vastness. He continues to amaze me throughout this journey, and I can’t wait to see what else He has in store for our team.