January 4th

Outreach Clinic:

Full. Challenging. Learning experience. Crazy. Fast-paced. Educational. Touched hearts. These are only a few ways our group can put today’s experience into words. 

Today was our second day working as a team in Tanzania. We traveled to prepare an outreach clinic for the maasai in Mererani. Here we were truly able to embody the call we have to serve others in our Lord’s name. Our team was able to work together to provide care and observe the variety of different symptoms that were present among the people. In total we were able to receive and help 88 members of the community today by giving them a diagnosis, creating a relationship, and bringing our hearts to them. 

For me I live in a larger city were medicine has a completely different feel. During this outreach clinic I was able to experience rural medicine first hand. Looking at how we can treat a person with the minimal testing resources available to ensure the are receiving the care that they need and deserve to receive. We had many people that were working through a chronic disease or needing to be admitted to a hospital as soon as possible because they have a condition that they were unaware of. 

Overall today was a life altering educational experience that touched each life that was involved. We were truly doing what God wanted our team to do by being apart of each others lives. 

Amanda Miley

The team really came together today to do what God has brought them here to do.  The clinic is free to all patients and many came to see us because they have no money and/or access to health care.  We provide all their medications free.  What a great team I have!!  We saw many patients with chronic diseases and some that I needed to get referred to a hospital right away.  I ask for prayers that they may be healed.

My doctors always ask me if they will have very many patients to see in clinics, well I have referred many of the patients to see them at the hospital on Monday.  For many of them they have no money to even get a bus ticket to come to us, so Hope Ministries provided them with the funds.  We will pay for the cost of their treatments and surgeries if needed.  

At the end of a very busy and tiring day, the village leader came to me to thank us for all we had done for his people.  He told me “Mungu Akubariki” which means God bless you.  I then received a call from the district leader and he graciously thanked us for all we are doing to help the people.   We came to serve and the people are so gracious for all we have done.  We ask for your prayers as we travel to do another  outreach clinic.