January 3, 2019

January 3rd

Expecting bad. Good therapy with the children. Joy in children. So little but so humble. Faith in God. Always say thank you. Not following the failure train. Chronic and irreversible. Handled well to send them home. Caregivers engaged. No anger. Mothers are supportive of one another. 1 caregiver to every 4 children. Very accepting towards death. Lack of multiple prescriptions. Well taken care of despite abandonment. Compliance. Compensate

Today was the team’s first full day in Tanzania together. After eating a delicious breakfast, we traveled to Feather’s Tail, an orphanage about one hour away. This orphanage is home to 50 children diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Some of these children were abandoned, while others are accompanied by their mothers. This wonderful organization allows single mothers to receive assistance in caring for their child. During our assessments of the children we saw a wide array of complaints. One case that stuck with me the most was that of a 16-year old girl. The girl was raped repeatedly throughout her young life, and gave birth to her first child just at the age of 15. She is very traumatized, but her caregivers have seen her mood improved. She enjoys the company of the other children and her caregivers. The wonderful leaders of Feather’s Tail have great patience and love towards the children and others. God has truly given these children an opportunity to receive his love through the wonderful caregivers and other mothers. 


As I experience my first day out of the United States, I see exactly why the Lord called me to come on this mission. I was able to use my medical knowledge, but most importantly my love and caring of others. The individuals we met and assisted in assessments are so grateful and full of the Lord’s grace. We saw several individuals who were experiencing chronic diagnoses. They sought us out in hope of healing, but when we had to turn them away they thanked us and appreciated us of what we were doing. Tomorrow we will experience our first outreach clinic. I ask that you pray for our team as we assess and treat several hundreds of people across the region. 

This is a beautiful man that came to us that was 60 years old and stated he had this on his face for 20 years.  Because he did not have any money he has not been able to get any health care.  We have referred him to the hospital so that they do a biopsy so that we know what we are dealing with.  Please pray for this man.  We referred many patients to come to our clinic on Monday, for our doctors to see and we assisted them financially.  Thanks to all the donors for your help.  

God is so good.

Brittany Fisher