January 16th

Kim and the team were pleased to see how many students were interested and engaged in learning today. Brittany learned some new things in theatre. 


Mike feels the local teams are making a good use of the resources they have. He has done a lot of teaching and continues to show great patience. 

John was lucky enough to work on a medical waste incinerator today. He managed to fix it. What a learning experience! 

Dan spent the day in theatre. He was really impressed with one of the local doctors ability. In general we all feel the doctors have a tough job as cases present quite late into their illness / injury. They overcome challenges that we wouldn’t usually face in our practice. 

Mary had an interesting day. The local hospital held a grand round today with a case discussion and were receptive to additional ideas to take this further. There were some successful theatre cases despite the intermittent electricity loss!

Shannon visited Fonelisco today and saw some happy and healthy children. We were able to deliver the home knitted quilts from Peace Reform Church. They loved them. Asante sana! (Thank you very much!) 



Jenny observed the HIV clinic today and was very impressed. The doctors were very knowledgeable and there was a great programme in place for the patients. The local doctors were keen to answer questions and teach Jenny and the local students. 

Amanda scrubbed in on surgery today (again). She is very animated when she talks about this and its great to see. She is getting better by the day and has some career choices to make!

Pat saw a good variety of cases today. 

Gayle feels our day was “fabulous”! She is getting feedback regularly re the team and its positive. A difficult case went to surgery today. She was brought to the attention of Mama Gayle some time ago and finally had her surgery this morning. We pray this is a life improved.