January 17th

January 17th

What a blessed day it has been today.  I thank God for his love and support that he provides the team every day.  The team was super busy today but they came with a heart to serve and it warms my heart to see  them in action.  

We started our day with Mary doing a CME to all the doctors, residents and medical students.  She has co-authored a book on Multidisciplinary Treatment of Breast Cancer.  She did an awesome job and presented them with some great info that they can use to treat their patients.  She then presented Dr. Washington, the head of surgery with a signed copy of her book.  I was able to share with the group the history of my breast cancer and that I am a 14-year survivor.  Praise God.


We then were brought to the Director General’s office to meet him.  We thanked them for their warm hospitality and praised them for all they are doing to help their patients.  

Mary, Shannon and Brittany then went to clinic to see many patients with breast issues and then did some biopsies.  You cannot believe what they saw!  These women present at such late stages of breast cancer and the breasts have large lumps and are malformed.  We are lucky for Mammography for early diagnosis in the states.  

Poor Dan was picked up at 530 am to go to a surgery and all went well.  He does such an awesome job of teaching the doctors.  

Mike and Pat went to assist with scopes all day.  Mike has really helped the staff doctors in the endoscopy unit.  Their have been challenges with the equipment and what procedures they are able to do.  

I went to the ICU to see Monica.  This is the young lady that through the work of God, was brought to me.  She was a young girl with a large mass on her lower jaw.  She sent me a video pleading for help and said she had not life anymore.  I had her brought to Mwanza where the doctor performed her long surgery on Wednesday.  It was UNBELIEVABLE!  Praise God it was a success.  She was put in ICU for close observation and I went and visited her today.  She was awake and doing well.  She could not talk but we prayed and she squeezed my hand.  Doctor said she was doing well.  I was able to see her sister who has accompanied her.  I will stop and see her on Friday before we leave.  Thanks to all the donors who have helped this young girl have a new life.    This young girl has touched my heart and has shown me why God keeps sending me to Africa.  

Amanda and Julius went to the orphanage today and the kids were still so excited about getting the new quilts they received.  They now have something they can call their own.  Thanks to all the beautiful ladies at Peace Reformed Church for making these quilts.  Through your love in making these quilts you have wrapped them all in the love of Jesus.  God bless you all.