January 10th

January 10th 


For devotions last night I asked all the team to share how God has impacted them on this trip so far and it warmed my heart to hear what a big part God has been in this trip.

The team was excited to head out on safari this am and they were all very excited.  They are going to see God’s beauty of Africa.  I am so happy for them.  Jenny, Pat, John and I stayed back to go to Selian to work.  

We started out day as usual in the chapel.  What an awesome way to start your day with prayers and singing.  These people have the most beautiful and angelic voices that it brings tears to my eye.  They then give report on the new admits.  Then Jenny gave an awesome CME on                        Neurotic Syndrome.  She is an awesome teacher and the doctors and residents really enjoyed her talk.  This is what Hope Ministries is all about and all doctors have done such beautiful job.  This is how we can make a lasting impact in the health care of Tanzania.  We then went to the ward to do postop rounds.  It was great to see the patients that we have done surgery on and they were smiling and so grateful.  They kept saying “Mungu Akubariki” which means God bless you.  Now I know why I kept coming back to Africa. 

Pat and I went to the wards and then spent time with the nurses.  Very interesting to see what very very little charting they do.  We were shocked when they told us there were only two nurses that were caring for all the patients on the ward.  One nurse was responsible for doing all the dressing changes and wound care.  I did some bedside teaching on wound care.  We then went around with the nurse that did all the dressing change.  It is amazing how they use honey to put in the wounds to prevent infections and aid in healing.  The patients have to purchase all of their supplies so they come with their bottle of honey.  

Tomorrow I need to go and pay for all the surgeries, diagnostics tests and treatments.  We had a lady that came to one of our outreach that was having female problems and was begging us for help because she had no money.  She has not been to a doctor before.  So I gave her money to catch the bus and come see the doctors on Monday.  Then Mary and the OB/GYN from TZ did an observation and determined that patient had a very suspicious cervix for cancer.  We then sent her to surgery for a cervical biopsy.  Then he came to me after her surgery and said that the patient was requesting to see me.  She thought she had the surgery and it was going to cure her.  Sorry to say the doctor is afraid it is stage 3 or 4 cervical cancer with metastasis and that it is a poor prognosis.  I was so sad and this women hugged and thanked me and all of the team.  She thought the surgery cured her and had to explain we had to wait to hear the biopsy report.  She prayed for someone to come help her and she saw us as her light of hope.  This is was tears at my heart, because the prognosis is not going to be good.  Please include her in your prayers.


God bless all of Hope Ministries donors.  You truly have helped so many people.  The patients stories are sad but many had good outcomes and we were able to help them.   Praise God!!