January 11th

January 11th:  

Bwana Asefiwe!  Praise the Lord!  Today was an exceptional day of God’s work and direction for the Hope Mission work.  We thought it may be a lighter day, but God had other plans for Gayle and Jenny Whitehead.  We started the day with our last educational teaching on Perioperative Care for the nursing staff.  Pat did a wonderful job of teaching the nurses today.  

While on rounds, Gayle stopped in to see an ICU patient under the consult of Jenny.  Before leaving (we thought for the day), Gayle decided to enter (wander) into another area of the ICU where a premature infant boy (now one month old was undergoing respiratory depression requiring manual breathing assistance, and then advancing to pressure breathing (cannula providing forced oxygen) in order to survive.  To put it honestly, the baby was in crisis and dying.  It was heart wrenching to watch this tiny little one struggling to breath, with flaring nostrils, and overworked chest muscles.  I truly believe that God sent Gayle as an expert in neonatal care, as well as Jenny with her physician knowledge to save this child. A side benefit was their opportunity to train the Selian nurses with first hand experience in providing acute respiratory care to the baby.  Once stable, we left to pay the bill for all of the patients who were treated by the Hope Ministry team.  Gayle decided to return to the ICU to check the baby one more time before leaving the hospital.  Within a few minutes in the ICU ward, the hospital electrical system went out and the back up generator was delayed in bringing power back to the hospital.  In fact this happened twice.  Once again, Gayle and Jenny had to improvise in getting an oxygen tank operational for the baby with a creative cannula delivery system.  I wonder at the plans God has for this little baby boy as I looked into his uncomprehending beautiful eyes as he struggled so hard to live.  God led Gayle to this ICU room for a specific purpose, not once, but twice.  Thank you Lord for the opportunity and blessing of being in your Will and carrying out the blessing and compassion of your mission work.