Wednesday, July 14th


Everyday can be thought of as a lesson. Early this morning, one of our groups headed out to Selian Hospital for another day of surgeries. God blessed us all with a successful day of operation. There was a total of eight surgeries Hope Ministries was responsible for. The students and the teachers (surgeons/nurses) learned a ton from each other during these surgeries, which both can use in the future when serving others. A lesson the younger ones learned is that hard work and dedication can be the road to success for their future dreams. As for the more experienced (a.k.a. Older) people, the future lies in the hands of the next generation, and it is their job to pass on the wisdom and generate a well taught, driven group of kids to take on the next surgeries.

As for the other group, they headed to hospice patient’s houses to visit, care, and supply food for the residents. An overwhelming sense of satisfaction came to the group after supporting these hospice patients. Each situation they encountered makes you really appreciate the situation you were born back in the U.S.A. A lesson that can be taken away from this group is happiness doesn’t come through selfishness, but through selflessness.

God bless,