Today Mark and I went to St. Joseph’s to do surgeries. We had 4 cases scheduled and some turned out to be some difficult ones. We invited some students from Germany and Sweden to come into the OR room and Mark continued to be a great teacher during the surgical procedures. They said that this was the best day they had yet at St. Joseph’s. Hopefully through their experience God can guide them in their future decisions on what to take in college. There was a nurse from Sweden. As we shared some water between cases, we enjoyed our conversations with these students and they were wanting to go on safari but did not know who contact. So of course, I know the best safari guide in TZ and gave Julius a call. He will be lining up their safari’s for them.

In between surgical cases we saw many patients. There was one very sad case, a 12 year old boy that had fallen out of a tree onto his head. This happened when he was around 7 years old. Up until then, he was very normal. He presented with a very large head, could not walk, feet turned inward and he had many problems. Our concern was of a head injury, so he was referred to KCMC and when my team comes in May we will look at him and see if we can do anything further to help him. It broke our hearts to see him.

I then received a phone call from Mama Lynn, that they had a 4 year old child that was admitted on Dec. 22nd at KCMC. He was very concerned because they have not done anything to treat this child. This child has the most grossly descended abdomen I have ever seen. They sent me all the information and then I asked Dr. Philipo how I could go about finding out about this child. He was going to do some checking on this case for me. When we returned to Tudor Village I visited further with Mama Lynn and Rumisha and then they showed me pictures. Oh my that poor child. We are very concerned about what is causing this and so Freeman and I are heading over to see her when we drop Mark off at the hospital in the morning. Please pray for this child that we can get her some help. After discussing the case with Mark, I will see what we can do in the morning. Please pray for this child.

Talked to Julius and the team is having a wonderful time on safari. They are able to see God’s beauty in Africa. I am so glad they are having fun and enjoying some down time, because we will have a very busy week next week.

Love to all!