Thursday, May 16th

Thursday, May 16th

Today the team and I went to the first orphanage. This orphanage cares for kids with cerebral palsy. It was a challenging and eye-opening day. We saw the Tanzanian culture and an entire different way of life.

The women at this orphanage have such compassionate hearts for these children. The care and love these children receive is astonishing, and I have so much respect for the care these women give everyday. They see these children as their own “babies” and look after them as their own. They have built a community of women who support one another; they have built a family of their own.

To us who are from the States, their resources seem limited, but these kids are receiving the best care they can and are so much better off living at this orphanage than on the streets. Fostering a mentality of love and care for these children is very important because often times these children are seen as burdens rather than the blessing they are. Sitting with these children and simply holding them and showing them love was powerful and spiritually moving.

We spent the whole day examining different children who were struggling or needed extended medical evaluation. It was heartbreaking to see some of these children; all I wanted to do was make their pain go away.

And yet, as much pain as they are in, as little as they have, and their struggle with daily life, they are filled with joy. They have an overflowing joy and love that only can come from the Lord. It is an absolutely beautiful and humbling thing. I pray I will be filled with the joy of the Lord these people are filled with.

I am amazed by the people of Tanzania. I am beyond grateful for the blessings I have and the medical care and resources that are at our finger tips. My heart breaks, and I am reminded of the hope these people so desperately need. Day one, and my heart is already changing…