Thursday, January 8th

Sorry a little delayed with our blogs but we had no electricity and internet at Tudor Village so had to wait until we returned to Arusha.

Friday:  Cheryl, Sarah and Julius packed and we all headed to  St. Joseph's hospital.  Cheryl and Sarah went around to the wards to say their good byes and then to the office of the head of the hospital.  Then Freeman, our driver took the 3 of them to the bus station where the caught a bus to return to Arusha.  They we delighted to find the weather cooler and not as dry.  They left off their bags and then had a cultural experience of buying food that they packed and got ready to bring to the hospice patients and families that they were going to see the next day.  These people are so poor and many can not even take their medications because they have no food.  Thanks to donations to Hope Ministries we buy them rice, beans, cooking oil, sugar, vegetables and fruit that will last for a month.  Mark and I did surgeries, saw many patients at clinic and did cortisone injections to help ease the pain of many patients.  It was exciting to see the patients that we referred from the outreach clinic and did xrays and provided treatment if we could and Hope Ministries paid for all their medical care, because these people had no money to help themselves.  So very sad.  Mark and I headed home to Tudor village after a long day and then we lost electricity and internet and the water was cold in the showers, but we were thankful for the things we had.

That evening I was able to meet 3 young orphans from Light in Africa that Mama Lynn picked as some children that we could sponsor their education.  Their stories were so sad and I could not believe what they kids have gone through before getting to Mama Lynn's.  I established an Educational Scholarship in honor of my dear daughter-in-law who passed away a few months ago.  Mama Lynn sent me 3 names with their stories and Chad and kids were to pick one we would sponsor.  After reading their stories, my son called and said that he and the kids wanted to sponsor the other 2 children.  They were presented certificates and pictures of Kari, Chad and the kids.  The hugs I received because they were so gracious made tears flow down my face.  Kari's love for kids and the importance of education will live on with 3 precious little orphan children.  Then the 3 children were presented book bags with school supplies that were donated by Matt Schmidt family, Andrew Jacobs family and Scott Hanson family.  Thanks so much all of you, you made 3 little kids very happy.  

Please keep these precious little children in your prayers.  A gift so small can provide a future for these poor children.