Successful Cases from Outreach Clinics

A Surgical Story From Mama Gayle

Today, we headed in to our first day of surgery.

We were able to complete multiple surgeries in three separate surgical rooms at the hospital. All of the patients that we helped today are all individuals that Hope Ministries brought in from our outreach clinics. The medical staff was shocked at each of the difficult and unbelievable cases of these patients. Some of the cases they helped today are diagnoses they don’t see often in the United States.

In between our surgical cases, we went and assessed a few children with extreme deformities. It was heartbreaking to see these cases, but we know that we will be able to step in and surgically help each of these children.

At the end of our long and successful day, my heart was completely warmed to see each of our patients have successful surgeries. We know their lives will now be free of pain and suffering just as they deserve.

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