Saturday, January 7th

Saturday, January 7th


I am just so excited to report that I went to the hospital yesterday and talked to all the doctors about the patients we did surgery on and saw in clinic.  They are doing great and many were released from the hospital yesterday and were given bus fare to get home.  Hope Ministries paid for about 30 patients’ surgeries and/or medical care and treatments.  It warmed my heart to see how well they were doing and how gracious they were.  We work long days and all very tired and I question about continuing to do this, but God always sends me signs that he has guided me here and we have a purpose here.  I have people in the US that ask me why do you go all the way to Tanzania to help people, why don’t you help the people in the US.  All I can say is it is the work of God that placed me here and as I continue to do my work here it becomes clear to why I was sent here.  We are all brothers and sisters under one God regardless of our location or color and these people are truly  so very grateful for our help, so thanks from the bottom of my heart for your love, prayers and financial support.  Without all of you we could not help these beautiful people.

The team is currently out hunting with the bushman and I can’t wait to hear the stories and then they will be returning this evening and we will pack to leave to fly to Mwanza tomorrow.

I just had a request from a pastor to please help a family.  It is a family of 8 children, where the first born was bedridden, hidden for more than 6 year, and the father now was also bedridden due to stroke with resulting paralysis. He is being treated for hypertension and diabetes.  The only one able to earn an income for the family is the mother.  The last born is 4 years old.   As you can see by the pictures this family lives in a home put together with pieces of tin and they are struggling to earn enough money to provide meals for the family.  The mom has a heavy burden of caring for the two bedridden family members and the other children plus hold down a job.  Their story broke my heart and Hope Ministries is going to supply some financial assistance for them.  Thanks to the donors who will make this possible.

When I am in Tanzania I never know who God will put in my path to help, but I trust that it is HiS mighty work that this happens.

Thanks for you continual prayers and support.


Mama gayle