Prayers for Glory – Oct. 1st Surgery

While the medical mission team was in Tanzania this last May, we met a sweet young girl called Glory.  She is a 14- year -old who fell into a container of boiling water and burned herself beyond recognition in the face and neck area.  She cannot close her mouth or her eyes and is unable to move her neck because of massive scar tissue.  Dr. Sarah Powell, an ENT doctor from Dakota Dunes, took pictures and consulted with a plastic surgeon in the States as to what should be done first.  We knew, however, that surgery many not be possible because we would not be able to hyperextend her neck and intubate her so that she could be put to sleep for surgery.  We said a lot of prayers in the OR for the success of intubation but the experts could not get her intubated.  Had we been in the states we would have had the equipment available to intubate her.  That is when you feel naked and alone and you turn to God for his strength.  When I told the mother we could not intubate her and thus we could not do surgery, I could sense the sadness in her face.  Her once beautiful daughter is left with these horrible scars that made her look like a monster.  I prayed with her and told her I would see if I could her some medical help but no promises.  She hugged me and said “Mungu Akubariki”, which means God bless you.

Upon returning home, I continued to pray and asked God to either take this sweet child home with him or push me to get her some help.  I continue to pray for her and decided I had to do something to help her.  With my many medical connections, I heard of a plastic surgeon from Colorado who would be visiting Tanzania in October.  I sent pictures and consulted with him, and he agreed to do the first phase of surgery to help this precious little girl. 

When Julius, our Tanzanian Assistant, contacted the family about the surgery option, the mother told how she had not eaten for 3 days so she could afford the antibiotic cream for her daughter’s skin.  Hope Ministries sent the funds for the food and medication, is funding the surgery and has lined up housing for her and her mother before and after surgery.  She will be having surgery Oct. 1st, so I am asking you for prayers.  She is having a very extensive and long surgery.  I pray for the wisdom and skill of the surgeon and prayers for her and her family. 

I want to thank all of the friend’s of Hope Ministries for your donations and this is an example of how your donations will make a difference in a child’s life.  She will be through a series of surgeries and we hope to bring a plastic surgeon with us that can do the next phase of the surgery. 

To God be the glory!  Isn’t it amazing how God orchestrates all that he does.