Praise God the Team has Arrived


We (the January team) arrived safely last night and were warmly greeted at the airport by Mama Gayle, Mama Lynn, Julius, and Freeman.  After a short car ride, we arrived (exhausted from traveling) at Tudor Village.  We enjoyed some wonderful tea and conversation with Mama Lynn–who excitedly told us that she already had a patient for us to see.  Afterwards, we were so grateful for a hot shower and a comfy bed.

This morning the team hit the ground running.  Our day began with a consultation on a 17 month old girl.  She and her Maasai parents had arrived at Tudor Village the day before.  The young girl–Agnes–had a growth on the side of her face.  The girl's mother said that the growth had been operated on twice already, but it had grown back.  The girl's cheek and lips were very swollen and distorted.  She clung to her mother and cried as Dr. Mark examined her.  After some conversation with the girl's parents, it was decided that we needed the medical records from her previous operations to know what to do next.  This afternoon, the girl's parents returned with her medical record–a one-page discharge summary with her diagnosis indicated as: Cystic Hydroma.  At this time, we are seeking more medical history information and looking for an ENT doctor to see her.  Please pray that God would direct us to the right people so that we can help this precious little girl.

After our brief consultation, the team enjoyed breakfast prepared by our wonderful cook and host, Penda.  Next, the team headed into Moshi to St. Joseph Hospital where we met Dr. Filipo–a Tanzanian orthopedic surgeon.  After a tour of the facility and going through the donated orthopedic equipment, the team began to see potential surgical cases.  We rounded on the various wards to see the orthopedic patients.  Dr. Mark and Dr. Filipo would examen the patient and discuss the best treatment options.  Both Dr. Mark and Dr. Filipo were wonderful about teaching the team and discussing with us what we could do to help these individuals.  After a few hours of seeing patients, a surgery schedule was made and a plan for the week was discussed.  On Monday we have 3 cases scheduled as well as some clinic patients to see.  It is clear that it will be a busy week and the team is excited to get started!

The team returned to Tudor Village in the afternoon and enjoyed a brief nap as we are all still adjusting to the time zone difference (9 hours ahead of central time zone).  Right now we are sitting outside in a courtyard area at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  It is nearly 9pm and is beautiful outside.  It was probably in the 90s during the day today and we were in shock at the weather difference!  This evening it is in the 70s with a light breeze–gorgeous!

Thank you all very much for your prayers.  We are joyous to be here and appreciate what you are doing to support us.  We just ask that you continue to faithfully pray for us–that God would lead and direct us during the weeks to come.  And most importantly, pray for little Agnes that God would show us how to help her.

Asante sana na mungu akabiriki sana!! (Thank you very much and God bless you!)