New Surgical Experiences

A Surgical Story from Foster

Today, I was able to observe a few cases in the operating room. After my first case was wrapping up, I was directly pulled into another OR to witness a baby being delivered via C-section. It was such an amazing moment and experience for me.

After observing the C-section, I was given the opportunity to scrub into one of Dr. Roberts’ surgeries. I had never scrubbed in for any procedure before, so Gayle walked me through the entire process. I was so excited to have such a close look at what was going on during the surgery. During this procedure, Dr. Roberts removed a rod and plate from a young girl’s arm as her broken bone had been healed for a while. I was not only able to see everything, from the initial incision to the retraction, but I also learned so much along the way. Today was such an incredible experience. I could not be more thankful for these experiences and opportunities with Hope Ministries.

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