May, 29th


Some  of the team members had fun on their tour around Lake Victoria today!!!


Today was a relaxing day for us. This morning, we ate breakfast at Ahadi Lodge, then headed to the airport where we flew to Mwanza. When we arrived in Mwanza, we stopped to visit the orphanage we will be volunteering at this week. Today at the orphanage, we gave toys to the children there. After we left the orphanage, we arrived to our hotel where a few of us napped and a few of us went on a walk. At seven this evening, we had supper with two doctors we will be working along side this week.

-Kolesa Herrig

Doctor Isidor was very excited to receive all the orthopedic equipment that we brought in our supply bags and Doctor Gustane was very excited to talk with Sarah and Marni about how they will be able to help then this week. It is exciting to hear about what they have lined up for us to do. It sounds like we will be busy. The team will be doing a lot of teaching, which is so important to make a long lasting impact in their medical practices.

Julius and the team will be heading off to the orphanage tomorrow after stopping and getting some painting supplies. They have a big painting project of painting the fence that surrounds the orphanage. They are very excited that we will be helping with that.

Please pray for the team as we venture out tomorrow to embrace a new culture in new places.