June 1st

June 1st

Well, it’s our last night in Tanzania and there are many mixed emotions. We are excited to go home and be reunited with family and friends, and yet it’s heartbreaking to think of leaving these beautiful people and country.

We are all sitting around thinking of words to describe our trip.. here are a few we came up with:

Conversational — the beautiful conversations with doctors, patients, children, and one another

Humbling — Seeing the world through a new lens.

Grateful — for what we have, what we have been given, and the experiences we had.

Response — how we want to respond when we get home. How we respond to this beautiful culture

Rewarding — What this trip gave to us, opening our eyes to the world and need around us.

Blessed — by the people, by the one another, by our opportunities.

As we look back on this trip it is easy to feel our work is simply a drop in the bucket. However, reflecting on the hearts we touched, and the many hearts that touched ours, this trip was so much bigger than any of us. God has been so faithful throughout this last month, and my heart is overflowing with thankfulness.

I will never forget these people, these experiences, or this country. They have changed my life. One by one we are touching lives, and along the way our lives are changing too.

I pray we can be reunited someday. I pray for my brothers and sisters here in Tanzania. I pray for my team are we readjust back home. I pray for His Kingdom to shine bright.