In the Quiet

“In the quiet, I know that You are there. Teach us how to follow.” – Will Reagan

To all who are currently wrestling through a season of uncertainty or unknown, may you be encouraged by God’s strength, provision, and presence. May we all be able to sit in the quiet. May we all be willing to sit in His presence, so that we may be able to see that He is still here with us. May we be able to recognize that He is still good, and may we able to notice that He is still at work in our lives even when we can’t physically see His hand.

Would you join us in prayer by taking a moment of silence today and asking God for comfort, provision, and love for our friends and family in Tanzania? We ask God to continue to sit with them even in their hardships and to provide for us our daily bread at Hope Ministries so that we may be able to provide for their needs to the best of our capacity.

With Love,

Hope Ministries (“In the Quiet” by Will Reagan and the United Pursuit)