HIV Patients and Joy In the Heartache

Volunteer Story by Ally

Jambo rafiki yangu (Hello my friends),

My name is Ally; I am a junior nursing student at Northwestern College. Today, we went on hospice visits.

Our second patient today was a little boy about 8 years old. He is HIV positive and recently lost both of his parents to HIV. He is currently being taken care of by his Aunt. She has three kids of her own, but agreed to take in this little one as well as his cousin because they both lost their parents to HIV.

She works down the road hammering rocks into little pieces and makes hardly anything. However, she is so thankful for her job and for the food Hope Ministries and the hospice team brought her. It was truly a humbling experience to witness such gratitude from someone with so much heartache around her. We closed our visit with a prayer for her which I thought was really impactful. Today we were reminded that anyone can find joy in the smallest things in life, even amidst our heartaches.

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