Friday, May 25th

Friday, May 25th:

Well today was Mark and my last day at Selian Hospital.  We started the day worshiping in the chapel with the hospital staff and then were heard patient report.  Mark then did a teaching project on Pediatric fractures.  He is such a great teacher and they all enjoyed it.

 We finished our last surgeries and consulted on other patients.  Then went and paid my bill for all the people surgeries that needed financial assistance.  I then had the PT department very humbly approach me asked if could help this man who was in the hospital and was a paraplegic.  This was a young man in his 30’s who gradually started to loose the feeling in his legs and now is totally paralyzed from the chest down.  His wife has been caring for him and yet having to make a living for the family.  PT said that he is getting to be too much for the wife to handle and he is unable to get around and is confined to his bed or a chair.  She said he would benefit so much with a wheelchair and then could get around the house and be able to get outside and then would not be so depressed.  I went to meet this family on the ward and when I arrived the wife was giving him a bath and caring for his skin so it did not break down.  What a beautiful couple.  Because of donor’s to Hope Ministries, I was able to buy this man a wheelchair.  They were so grateful and excited for this help.  So much hardship here!

We had an evaluation meeting at the end of the day with the head of the hospital, all the OR staff, the orthopedic department and residents.  I was so pleased with the great discussions that we had and to hear how grateful they all were for what we did to help them.   I graciously thanked all of them because they have all been so gracious and welcoming to all of our team.  Mark and I feel so welcome here and really feel this is a great fit with the mission of Hope…too serve the poor.   We then said all of our good-byes and are anxious to return in January.

I just talked to Julius and it sounds like the team had a great day on safari.  They visited the Ngorongoro Crate and were able to see a lot of animals.  They are getting up early in the am to go hunt with the bushman and see how they live and then visit the Datoga Tribe.  Then they will head back tomorrow evening and we will pack and prepare to head to Mwanza to work at a different hospital and orphanage.  

Thanks for all the prayers.